WASC Visit Recap

Thank you for all those who participated in our WASC Visit. The review was very positive! We will receive the final report with the recommendation for accreditation in the next several months.

Upcoming Events:

  • May 14 Minimum Day
  • May 30 10:00am Graduation/ Last Day of School/Minimum Day
  • June 2-June 30 Summer Break
  • July 7-Aug 1 Extended School Year 8:30-2:15
  • 2014-2015 School Year begins August 18, 2014
The Point Quest Difference

We believe the key to success is working together towards the same goal. At Point Quest that is our way of life. Each individual involved in the Point Quest Program is focused and striving for the same outcome.

Through this inner-woven teamwork, Point Quest is able to promote an atmosphere of true cooperation. This unique dimension of kindness and positive reinforcement in the Point Quest program, results in restoring proper balance and healthy attitudes in our students, giving each one a better outlook on life, learning, and the future.

Over the years we have found this collaboration of efforts to be a powerful tool in the growth of our students, furthering their ability to become a successful, functional and fulfilled adult.


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