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Point Quest GAP

Point Quest is providing a new educational service option to school districts in an effort to address the needs of challenging students within their district of attendance. With the addition of Point Quest GAP we are now providing nonpublic school services within our district partner’s facilities. With this option we have been able to address the needs of challenging youth in their local community, delivering services at a more cost effective point for the district.

As with our main campus in Sacramento, Point Quest GAP teams effectively with parents, school districts, and local agencies with a program that focuses on each student’s needs in the areas of cognition social, emotional, behavioral and academics. All curriculum is based on research and aligned with the California State Content Standards. Point Quest GAP will be transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our educational and mental health programs are supported by a behavioral support system that emphasizes positive behavioral interventions and aimed at empowering students to become more responsible for their own actions and to make choices that will lead to success and fulfillment. Point Quest GAP’s staff work closely with everyone involved to promote a true atmosphere of teamwork in which students can make positive changes in their lives.

For more information about the Point Quest GAP program, please call (916) 422-0571
Point Quest GAP
1800 S. Sutter Street  Stockton, CA 95206